Annovar formatted input file

For those who want to filter against the variants seen in our data set, we have created a variant file which is compatible with annovar.

To read more about this file format, visit this site:

File for download: Annovar format variant file


Frequency and Allele Counts

File for download: Iranian Genome File

This file contains the allele frequencies and counts at over 6 million different sites in the genome.  It can be used to explore your favorite area of the genome to see what we see in 77 Iranian individuals.



1:704367 . 2 154 C:1 T:0 C:154 T:0

The first column is the chromosome:position, the second column is the rsid if it is available (“.” if it is not), the third column is the number of alleles, the fourth column is the number of total chromosomes, the fifth column has the allele frequencies (C = 100% and T = 0% in this case), and the sixth column represents allele counts.