Iranian Genome Homepage

The Iranian Genome Project aims to provide knowledge to both the scientific and Iranian community by studying and understanding the genetic background of Iranians.  Genomics is an emerging field whereby scientists map our genetic code — the language of life —  and study how differences in this language leads to differences in health and disease.  Knowledge of our genetic code will enable us, as Iranians, to gain a better understanding of how our genes affect our health.  Moreover, it will empower us as a community by giving us data that could one day be used to create tailored treatments and drugs.  As the age of personalized medicine begins, knowledge of genetic variation will be key in making sure that everyone’s unique needs are met.

The Iranian Genome Project is not only a scientific project, though we believe it will provide a rich and lasting contribution to the field of genetics.  It is also an initiative to educate our community about how genomics will revolutionize our healthcare system and what we can do to be aware of how those breakthroughs will affect us.

Finally, we will have the opportunity to draw our family tree and to explore our heritage in a way that has never been done before.  And of course, through all this, we will be able to celebrate both the similarities and unique characteristics of the diverse Iranian family.

This project made possible through the generosity of the PARSA Foundation.

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